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Nevertheless, I am open to the possibility of some scientist somewhere, someday uncovering evidence for the existence of a supreme being, a divine creator, an anthropomorphic Satan, an angel, a wood nymph or a ghost. I won’t hold my breath, though; science has been looking for evidence of the supernatural for centuries, and thus far has come up utterly empty. So, until and unless that evidence is uncovered, I am thoroughly convinced that there is nothing supernatural about our universe. God is not dead, because there are no gods and there never were.

My deconversion is complete.


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4 Responses to “I Backslide a Little”

  1. reverendrell Says:
    January 4, 2012 at 3:07 pm | Reply I really enjoyed reading this post and I understand everything that you mean, however there is something that I think you should take a closer look at. You stated that you would at least be “open to the possibilty of some scientist somewhere someday uncovering evidence for the existence of a supreme being,” well there are several scientist that have recently discovered and proven scientifically the undisputable evidence that there is a single force that created everything in the universe, a divine unmeasurable energy in which everything is connected. It has been proven on a quantum physics level by the top quantum physicist and molecular biologist on the planet. They have finally proven a theory that Albert Einstein himself already knew but did not have the technology to prove, ever heard of string theory, or the space time continuum? i would advise you to check out a man name John Hagelin before you finalize your “deconversion”.

    Wish you life’s best,

    • aynway Says:
      January 4, 2012 at 4:05 pm | Reply I do a fair bit of reading in the sciences, but I have yet to see “undisputable evidence” of “divine unmeasurable energy.” I am open to it, however, as I said in my post. Who are the folks you mention as the “top quantum physicist and molecular biologist on the planet”? I’d love to have a look at their work.

      When I look at the work of any scientist who thinks he sees something divine in the universe, two things typically are happening: first, he is already religious and searching for support for his belief system; and second, when he observes some phenomenon for which the existing scientific consensus can’t account, he says, “Science can’t explain it! It must be God!” Invariably, however, science does explain it, and without having to resort to the supernatural to do so.

      I’m familiar with Hagelin and Werner Gitt and Francis Collins and Michael Behe and William Dembski and all the rest, and quite simply, their arguments fail to convince me.

      • reverendrell Says:
        January 4, 2012 at 6:18 pm How about Max Planck, who i think won the Nobel Prize for science in 1944 or around that time period. Please remember that these people are “physicist” there whole life’s work is dedicated to searching the most miniscule details of everything searching to prove a scientific theory one way or the other. It is funny that we can accept their scientific methods of proving something for everything else, like gravity or the properties of light and gas, or the combustion engines that drive our cars. All things that were tested and proven scientifically through scientific methods and we accepted them as truth. If we did not, we would never feel comfortable enough to start the engines of our cars for fear that it might blow up. Yet when those same scientific methods that have been used for ages, the same tried and true methods that developed the technology for television and then advanced to color tv, then advanced to HD and plasma tv and on now to 3d tv and holograms; when those same scientific methods are used to finally prove the existence of one singular universal force , one unified field, one source of everything and there is absolutely not one single strand of scientific evidence that does not agree with these findings, when everything in nature points to and have always pointed to this very truth; people all of a sudden can no longer believe even science when it comes to the existence of God.

        Perhaps some people just don’t want to beleive.

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Sometimes I walk my dog at night

You will be surprised how much can come from the more “simple” things of life.    I have lived an interested life as I am sure most people would feel the same about themselves, after all everyone has a story.  Despite the many facets and episodes of my past experiences, I would say without a shadow of doubt that the current episode that I am in has to be by far the most incredible!    I am bubbling over with overwhelming, positive emotion about life and I must have an outlet to share this experience before I simply explode. And so for fear that I might talk my wife to death, I decided to try the blog thing.   Never done anything like this before, but that is precisely the new theme of my life “doing things that I’ve never done before”.     I have come to a profound realization about my own life, about the purpose of my wife in my life, my purpose in her life, our purpose in our children’s life, my purpose period!    I have a better insight on my entire past existence, and a much clearer veiw of my present existence.     I find myself submerged in thought for much of my day now.   Sometimes I walk my dog at night and it is during that space of time when I seem to experience a period of extreme clarity and thoughts and ideas tend to spring up in my conscienceness in such a way that I could only describe as revelations!      Those are the thoughts that I wish to share; the thoughts that I think when I walk my dog at night………….to be continued!

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